Robot art and more that’s my passion. Hi, my name is Andrew or ‘one1nchrobot’, an artist in photography, digital art, oil painting, sculpting and writing about robots and more.

I live in Southern UK where I continue to enjoy creating my artwork and indulge in the Bohemian life of red wine, music and the odd slice of fried bread. 

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artists portrait

The Seven Deadly Sins

Using a combination of artificial intelligence software and Photoshop I have created a version of the ‘Seven Deadly Sins’ in an Art Nouveau style.

The Seven Virtues

To counterbalance ‘The Seven Deadly Sins’ there are ‘The Seven Virtues’. Each of these can be overcome with the seven corresponding virtues of Faith, Hope, Charity, Temperance, Prudence, Justice and Fortitude.

The Four Seasons


Some examples of generated images edited with Photoshop, Blender, After Effects and Midjourney to emulate movement from still images.

Here are a selection of graphic novels I have created using various methods. The two main creative tools were the artificial intelligence tool Midjourney ai. and of course Adobe Photoshop. I have always had a fascination for graphics novels, with adult storylines, the more ‘graphic’ the better.  

I attended Portsmouth University, studying a three year course in Technical Illustration, where I was obliged to take a secondary option which turned out to be photography. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it and still do now.

The photographs in this gallery are mainly of robot art and were taken with a single light source, I was trying to capture the subtle shadows and depth as seen in the Dutch Old Masters style of painting.

All the subjects in these photographs are of found items of interest or created by myself. It’s not often you can find a robots head lying around. 

If your wondering about the fellow in the warpaint, that’s my son, I made him too.


There are fourteen of the ‘clockwork matrix’ within the NFT maze, ten of each item. These four particular examples are designed to play in a loop, these are the ‘Shorties’ and there are ten in this exclusive 1/1 collection. The ‘Shorties’ are the remnants of a now defunct toy factory, badly designed as an animated children’s plaything. Unfortunately their grotesque demeanor didn’t lend themselves as a number one must have on the Christmas list. With a limited intelligence chip they still found a way of existing within the derelict factory. They are available as the complete collection here

These are characters from the infamous ‘one1nch posse’ all created from a generic base model. Over time they’ve formed some kind of primitive hierarchy, with ‘one1nch #1’ being the alpha bot down the order to ‘one1nch #40’ the lowest denominator of this first batch of forty. A colourful collection of a gang of rogue robots promoting colour to an altogether grey dystopian world. The full collection can be found here:

Here are a very limited collection based on the ‘one1nch posse’ but with some added media, as well as movement I have included some original music, well worth a listen, check them out here

All of my sculptures are made predominately from fibre glass, resin and metal. The rust effect on some of them is achieved with a specialist paint which contains ferrous metal dust. 

I have moulds for most pieces. Generally I might make a blank from oil based clay and take a silicone mould from it. 

The next process involves gel coating and laminating. As you can see the initial skull is used in several different ways, sometimes by adding or removing to get the result I need.

I have made three different sizes of ‘wonky’ frames, the largest 350mm square, 280mm and the smallest at 210mm.

Christopher and Tin Top are two of the Little Fellas collection and are just 100mm in length.


Having made and photographed quite a few robots, I decided that I’d like to incorporate my robot art in a book. The book soon turned out to be a trilogy, a sixty thousand word novel, complete with illustrations. It’s been said we’ve all got a book or a song inside us, now that one’s concluded I’ll have to practice my ukulele skills. Watch this space.

The books are absolutely free and are available on the ebook website Smashwords. They are in Kindle, epub, pdf and also as a Word doc. 

If you are curious, just click one of the cover images to take you to the site.

Well what can I say, even as a boy he was different to the other kids, very disappointing…  Mary Agnes Ward (mother)

He’s like the brother I never wanted… Patrick J Ward (brother)

He still owes me a fiver… Dougie (pub)

Thanks guys… (me)


Be great to get some feedback, drop me a line or check out the links below. Did I mention the book is totally free? Cheers, stay safe.