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Uromys Rex sat in the dark, his now defunct perambulators buckled and useless beneath him. They deteriorated some months before following a scarcely registered incident, first the right, then the left quickly followed. To be fair he was well past his service life and raw materials were of short supply these days and couldn’t be allocated to the construction of a simple service ‘bot. Not the good stuff anyway.
He had no idea where in the vast building he was situated. Since the Government decided to pare back their expenditures and close non essential departments, the personnel had left the building, leaving everything behind, including the service ‘bots, the maintenance crews locking down the structure, blocking all forms of entry (and exits) then cutting the power.
The result was unfortunate for the imprisoned robotic helpers, a dark and dangerous place to find themselves. The hundred or so remaining robots, unable to communicate because Li-Fi was down meandered aimlessly in the pitch black, now without purpose. 

Li-Fi, developed over twenty years previously, was the transmission of data via light, therefore much faster than the old Wi-Fi configuration.

Of precious use if there was no light.

Uromys Rex calculated the dark had lasted approximately 50,000 hours, 5.7 years, nearly half his expected lifespan, without proper maintenance he had succumbed to various mechanical maladies resulting in his present predicament. He couldn’t retrieve the relevant information that could shed some light on the catastrophic episode that left him unable to move, there was something that suggested a fall from height, but it was hazy. His flash memory data was corrupt, probably from the fall, leaving him confused and strangely scared.
Every now and then there were noises in the distance, nothing discernible, nothing comforting.
He stared pointlessly through the darkness, reaching out on occasion to no avail.

Sometimes he would try to drag himself across the floor in search of succour, but usually like all the other times, he’d reach some immovable barrier. He didn’t attempt this so much now, the effort was particularly draining on his power cell, that and some strange form of self preservation and/or capitulation.

His power cell was waning, he calculated it would be dead in 52560 hours…….6 years, with no expectation of sleep or respite, he thought he might go mad!

To be continued…..